April Platform Challenge Day One Just Getting Started


Day One

I’ve been dragging my feet for months now getting a site up.  I’ve got this back log of flash written over the past year and I’ve been sand bagging them because most ‘zines don’t pay, they promote.  With no site to showcase my work, or jot down my ramblings, I haven’t submitted anything in months.

I good friend referred me to Robert Brewer’s blog My name is not Bob  http://robertleebrewer.blogspot.com/2012/03/april-platform-challenge.html?et_mid=548039&rid=3095326

Where he has a challenge for aspiring writers to built a platform.  So for the entire month of April he is giving day by day instructions on how to build said platform.

As a writer, I chose WordPress to kick things off as it only makes sense to use the blog site favored by so many writers.  I’m sure Mr. Brewer will get to starting your own blog, I decided to jump ahead and get my own blog started with his project.

So to start things off the first challenge is to define yourself.  Here goes..

Name:  Antonio Diggs.  I’ve decided to go with AP Diggs.

Positions(s): Airline grunt, co-administrator on Writestuffextreme (a writing workshop), member of the Flash Factory (on Zoetrope), non-fiction editor on Pressboard Shanty (now on hiatus), Published writer, Blogger, gardener, zombie slayer.

Skills:  Writing, World-building, editing, growing stuff, level one prepper, painting (watercolors), stupid magic tricks, public speaking, puppetry, TV and Film critic, mad scientist.

Social Media Platform:  Facebook, Twitter (never really used it)

URL’s: https://apdiggs.wordpress.com/, http://thoefan.blogspot.com/

Accomplishments: Published in Bette Noire ‘In Poe’s Shadow’, and Apollo’s Lyre.  many more to come.

Interests: Writing, Faith, Gardening, Cooking, and movie, TV show or video game that has zombies in them.

In one Sentence, Who am I? AP Diggs is a writer, father and husband who is more Calvinist than Methodist, more Libertarian than Democrat and has an unnatural fascination with zombies, Mormons, and fallen angels.

That just about sums up the first challenge.  Since I’m ten days behind, I’ll have to double up on some of the challenges to catch up, but I’m in no real hurry.  I’d rather work this out and comment on the process than finish on time for the prize.  And if it goes well, I’ll try our Mr. Brewers other challenges as well.



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