April Platform Challenge Day 14

Now this is getting tedious.  For day 14 I have to create a Google+ profile.  Google+ is their answer to Facebook.  Since I haven’t been very active on those sites, it s unlikely I’ll be burning Google+ up with my posts any time soon.

I swear if this guy tell me to open one more social media site, I’ll scream.  A manly scream, mind you, but a scream none the less.

Oh, and I caught up.


5 thoughts on “April Platform Challenge Day 14

    • I am having little snakes appear on the top of my head preparing to go into hiss mode; it’s the learning curve we are in, and it happens; it’s all going to be okay; i am finding things i missed, like instructions; stay strong in your hour of trial (smile)

  1. don’t I just understand your frustration. It’s awesome that you’re trying though. A few tips: get rid of the line “Just another WordPress.com site” in your header. You can change it on the tab apearances somewhere. And add a widget that allows people to follow you. It’ll make it easier to read your posts because they get delivered to the follower’s RSS feed allowing him/her to decide it (s)he wants to visit your site to read the full article. Keep slogging. It takes ages to build a fanbase.

    • hang in, we’re all experiencing some brain shred; people will support you; we are in learning curve – that’s when you want to eat worms, grow German Shepherd fur on your throat, and howl at the moon, there or not there, at midnight

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