April Platform Challenge Day 15

Day 15 presented a challenge for me.  We were to add three new friends to our social network.  Either through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  or any of the other platforms.  Having already added friends from my writing groups I went looking for new friends.

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed.  First I looked for people with similar interests, similar blogs, etc…  I couldn’t find a decent match.  So then I started looking at the people who are doing the same challenge.  With over a hundred participants, I sampled about twenty people, visited their blogs, read their posts.

The result was disappointing.  Either their blogs were way too long, or just not interesting enough.

Yesterday, I participated in a Twitter discussion group and picked up three friends from there.



One thought on “April Platform Challenge Day 15

  1. I made new friends; started up a blog for my friend spirit with elsa, barely got it going; i’m having techy dumbo times, but just going to keep on going; i find i have to ask my techy friends more questions, bless their curly little souls

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