April Platform Challenge Day 18

April Platform Challenge Day 18

The challenge for day 18 is a little tougher.  It’s all about SEO (search engine optimization) or “what gets your website to display at or near the top of a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.”

So I have to come up with keywords to describe my blog.  And there’s the rub, what is this site about really?  Is it just about me and my struggle/dream to be a writer?  Am I here to offer sage advice to other writers?  Is this a diary where everything goes?  Or am I here just to promote myself and my writings?

To be honest, this blog is primarily a tool to promote myself, my stories, my book (in progress) and my other blog.  So I suppose this apdiggs.WordPress.com is really a hub for all the other things I have going on.  The other blog is primarily to talk about heaven, which is what my novel is about.

What I have discovered today is that my tags, titles, headers and all that plays a big part in SEO.  I Googled ‘Platform Challenge’ and a few bloggers came up (after MNIB of course) and I noticed their blog titles were “April Platform Challenge” whereas my titles were ‘Day One’.

So I’m going to edit my headers and see if anything changes.  Of course my blog is brand new with a handful of followers but let’s see what happens.

Meantime, I need to set this blogs’ keywords as APDiggs, writing, blogging, etc…


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