April Platform Challenge Day 22 to 29




Day 22


For the challenge today I am to become a guest blogger.  So I have to find someone with a blog (preferably a newbie like me) and convince them to let me rant and rave on their site.


As soon as I find that sucker, I’ll let you know.



Day 23


Manage your time.  In other words, set a schedule for when you will blog and stick to it.  Now that will go well for my ‘heaven’ blog.  I plan on writing fifteen to twenty blogs before going live with it.  I want to have a good collection of topics on hand in case life gets in the way of writing.


Day 24


Another Twitter group fest.  I passed on it this week.  Spring is here and the garden won’t plant itself.


Day 25


Is get an interview.  Yeah, I’ll wrap that one in with the guest blog sometime in the future.


Day 26


This day I am to write another blog and have some call for action with it.  A repeat of last weeks challenge.


Day 27


Brewer is nuts.  For day 27 he wants us to join another social media site like Pinterest, Goodreads or RedRoom.  I can’t do it, at least not now.  I have a site I’m an admin on that I have been neglecting and I belong to another writing group in the Flash Factory on Zoetrope, that I have ignored while doing this challenge.  Okay, I’ll admit I used the challenge to slack off from writing and allow myself to wander the net looking at hundreds of other blogs.


Frankly, none of the other blogs interest me in the least.  Even my own blog sucks.  It’s just me doing what some other shmuck says.  Sure his advice is helpful but I’m not joining another site that I will rarely visit and eventually end up forgetting my user id or password.



Day 28


Another repeat, comment on someone else blog and link it back to you.


Day 29


Now this one is a good challenge.  Plan out May.  Makes sense to me.  After doing all this platform building it would be a shame to let it all lapse into inactivity.  So my main goal is to find two or three blogs to follow and develop some inter-connectivity to it.  It would be great if I can find someone on this challenge to do that with, but I’m not counting on it.



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