The Cure for Snoring

I am a deep sleeper and a heavy snorer, much to my wife’s chagrin.  As I get older the snoring gets louder.  My wife has tried earplugs, noise reducing headphones, over-the-counter sleeping aids and nothing drowns out my buzz saw snores.  Many mornings I awoke to find my wife sleeping in the sofa.  One the other side, I’ve done mouthwashes, nose sprays and nose strips only to find the strips on the sheets and the sprays ineffective.

The only thing that worked for me was Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray.  I started using it a few years back with great results. Then they pulled it off the market.  Not enough interest, someone said.  So now when you look for anti-snore products at the drugstore, the only thing you’ll find are the nose strips.

I could still get the Snore Relief spray on Amazon and Ebay, but as the supply dwindled, the price skyrocketed.  Originally I could buy it for $8 a 20z bottle, now that same product goes for $228.00 for a double pack.  Soon the supply will be gone, or priced out of my range.  $228.00 is out of my range now but I found a solution.

Someone on Amazon wrote out the formula for the spray.  I thought it was some new age/homeopathic nonsense.  But when I found the list of ingredients from the spray matched the ingredients in the recipe, I ordered the oils and whatnot and tried it out.

Here is the recipe:

Buy a 2oz spray bottle from your local drugstore

Listerine: 1.3 oz

Vegetable Glycerin: .67oz

or 2/3 listerine and 1/3 glycerin. a little less to make room for the 15 drops.  I took the bottle I bought, filled it with water and poured it out in 5 tablespoons.  So three tablespoons of listerine and one and a half tablespoons of glycerin worked for me.

Wintergreen Oil: 6 drops

Peppermint Oil: 3 drops

Clove Oil: 4 drops

Anise Oil: 2 drops

Put all this in the 2 oz bottle, shake and spray 3-6 times in the back of the throat.

The first time I tried it, my throat tingled.  The taste was a bit bitter but not unpleasant.

The old Snore Relief spray would last me 5-6 hours, this stuff lasts 6-7 hours.  I bought everything on Amazon for less than 50 dollars (the clove oil still haven’t arrived and the spray works fine for me) and I have enough to last me for years if not decades.

Many thanks to C. Morris who put this up on Amazon.  My throat thanks you, my wallet thanks you and my wife thanks you.

Anyone suffering from snoring or a snoring spouse, I urge you to share this with them.  It also makes a great breath spray and sore throat relief.


One thought on “The Cure for Snoring

  1. APD, my ignorance knows no bounds- I had no idea you were already blogging, you devil! And I snore too (the solution has been ME on the sofa). I might try this.

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