To Blog or not to Blog

To Blog or not to Blog

How many times have you opened a blog only to find an excuse?  You know, one of those ‘I don’t have anything to say’, ‘here’s a repost from my buddy’ or some silly emoticon winking ‘have a nice day’.  I see them all too often and I can tell from the opening paragraph that nothing worth reading is going to be read.

I can’t stand those posts.

I told myself I’d never post a meaningless blog and if I didn’t have anything to say, I’d just keep quiet.

Sooo, I’ve been pretty quiet lately.  But it got me to thinking about spring planting in the garden.  Just because I can grow something doesn’t mean I should actually grow it.  I’m sure I could grow the hell out of some brussel sprouts but do I really need the gas pains?

And growing corn, is it worth the time and effort of planting, watering, weeding, fighting off the crows to harvest 12 ears of corn when I can get 10 ears of corn for a dollar at Kroger?

But then again, gardening isn’t just about saving money.  My corn might cost three bucks an ear by the time I harvest them, but I know exactly what I’m eating.  There is also that visceral joy one feels when you bite into something from your back yard.

And just because I don’t mind eating a spotty apple doesn’t mean anyone else would.  The mere act of writing a blog doesn’t mean someone has to read it.  It needs to serve a purpose, just like every character and every scene should mean something to the story.  Otherwise it’s just filler, and in the garden, all the filler ends up buried or in the compost pile.

In 2013, I have promised not to post crap.  That means I may not post much this year.  But what I do put up should be worth a look.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “To Blog or not to Blog

  1. Your corn does not have deadly Monsanto chemicals, and i wish I had time for gardening and the skill, because home grown vegetables, flowers, fruits, fill my soul with celestial images. thank you for your post.

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