There’s no Writers Block in Gardening

So, I’ve been stuck on one scene for the last three weeks.  I should have blasted past it and finished a couple more chapters but I can’t move past it.  I could ‘hang a lantern on it’ or type out a paragraph of blank lines to be filled in later, but I’m not that kind of writer.  I go to sleep at night with the scene in my head trying to make my unconsciousness figure it out.  I have tried those wonky methods to break out of the block, but I have worldbuilded my way into a corner.

In gardening, there are no blocks.  Nature does not allow it.  You have to plant in the spring.  You have to water.  You have to weed.  Your personal life doesn’t matter to the plants, they need care.  Sure, you could throw in the trowel and go play Xbox but then you wouldn’t be a gardener.  Not writing when you have a block is an excuse not to write.

I’ve written two short stories since the blockage and I like them.  I thought they would get me over the hump but it didn’t pan out.  Getting something done while the scene remains dead gives me a sense of accomplishment but it’s just a panacea.  I still feel stuck in my novel.

Normally, this time of year I’d be getting the seedlings going inside, but with this cold, I could probably put that off for a few more weeks.  Timing is everything in gardening.  Starting plants too soon leads to leggy, weak plants.  Starting too late leads to buying tomato plants at Home Depot.

Writing a weak scene leads to rewriting more scenes later on, more editing, more plot holes and basically starting the chapter all over again.  I used to joke to my writing group, when someone was faced with a block, to throw a few zombies at it.  So, it’s a good thing that my world has plenty of undead in it.  I’m hoping those slouching eating machines can tear through my block and get me back on track.


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